10 interior accounts you must follow on Instagram

Instagram is filled with tons of inspiration in all fields, and it’s one of our favourite channels for interacting with people and hunting for inspiration.  We like to follow anything that’s a treat for the eye, but our news feed is mostly filled with interior posts (of course). There are so many inspirational homes and styles out there, and we simply can’t get enough! We’re always on the hunt for new inspirational accounts, so if you know any, holla at us!

We have made a list of 10 interior accounts you must follow on Instagram. If you aren’t already, you should check them out. Right now. This time we’re focusing on Scandinavian and Nordic style. Get inspired, and enjoy!

1. Stylizimo (@stylizimoblog)
This home is AMAZING. The wonderful interior design universe created by Nina Holst. She also runs the blog Stylizimoblog, which you should definitely also have a look at. This blogger really knows what she’s talking about. Pure inspiration.

2. Elisabeth Heier (@elisabeth_heier)
This experienced interior designer and blogger shows us how to use perfect contrasts with the basic white. By adding textures like linen, concrete and woodwork she creates the perfect balance that is such a treat for the eye. Her beautiful photos on Instagram is a part of our daily fix as designjunkies. More please!

3. Scandinavian Homes
This account is run by a Stockholm based interior stylist and a personal favourite, for sure. The perfect stylings of these Swedish homes is jaw-dropping. So many cool spaces with the interior to match. Words can’t describe. Just go follow!

4. Scandinavian Interior
Your daily dose of inspiration around the Scandinavian lifestyle. This account gives you the best from Scandinavian homes all over the world.

5. A Merry Mishap
If you like Scandinavian interior and clean, minimalistic photos, you need to follow this instagrammer. A Merry Mishap knows how to use whitespace in her photos, and shows us that less is more.

6. Pella Hedeby
This instagrammer is an interior stylist and blogger with the best taste. She does styling work for IKEA (among many others), and blogs for ELLE Decoration. Follow her for interior decoration, inspiration and everyday life. And amazing photos!

7. Therese Sennerholt
Follow this Swedish art director and creative consultant for that daily, Scandinavian dose of great stylings and creative content. Not only does she have great interior taste, she is also an excellent graphic designer.

8. About This Haus
If you love crisp, white and elegant design, this is the place to go. Bright and sharp images of beautiful white spaces with the best of Scandinavian and Nordic design.

9. Kajastef
You have probably seen one of this instagrammers photos somewhere. She has over 240K followers, and it’s not hard to understand why. Sharp, clean images of a beautiful and cozy home. That dash of dusty pink really hits the eye. Love it!

10. Mikkel Dahlstrøm
Have a look at this amazing interior from a man’s perspective. Mikkel is a freelance interior stylist and photographer with great taste and perfect photo skills. Dive into a world of beautiful details and perfect flat lays.


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