Designlovers, you need to watch this on Netflix

February this year, Netlix launched a new documentary series called “Abstract: The Art of Design”. The series profiles eight designers representing different fields in the industry.

Each episode introduces us to a designers life, how they think and the challenges they meet. Get a closer look into the minds of great designers like architect Bjarke Ingels, shoe designer Tinker Hatfield, graphic designer Paula Scher, automobile designer Ralph Gilles, illustrator Christoph Niemann, scenograph Es Devlin, photographer Platon and interior designer Ilse Crawford.


This series is so inspiring and interesting, and we will recommend it to anyone. Even if you are not a designlover, we will tell you to watch it.

The episode about graphic designer Paula Scher was probably the one that we could relate to the most. It was so inspiring to see how she changed the face of New York with her typography skills. Actually kind of mindblowing.

We binge-watched this in one night, that’s how much we liked it. An absolute must-see on Netflix.

You’re welcome.

Creative Creatures

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