New arrivals!

Yeyy, those long days and late nights with creative work and sketching has payed off! We got some new art prints in our webshop! How about those cats, huh? 😀

We also added the whole alphabet in black marble design! Find your letter here: Marble Letters

Have a look in our shop and find yourself some new wallcandy!


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Featured: IVY & STAND OUT

We recently dropped some new designs in our webshop! If you haven’t already, you should take a look! >> <<


One of our newest additions is our IVY poster. It’s already a popular choice among our customers and followers, and we love the great response! Thank you so much!

Today we want to share a little creative inspo for you. Visual design is what we do best, and this is our way to tell you that IVY and STAND OUT is a pretty cool combo.

Have a great weekend!

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Pretty in pink!

Summer is almost here! And with this beautiful weather we are having I get the urge to decorate with a little splash of color! Normally I’m more of a black, white and grey type of person, but these art prints have made me reconsider! Pink Iris and Pink Butterfly are such a great match, and they give me those summer feels! Get the in the pink mode by the photos below!

All our posters and art prints are available in four different sizes:
30×40 / 50×70 / 61×91 / 70×100

Free worldwide shipping for orders over 800 NOK / 90 EUR.

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IMG_6163-pinkIMG_6204-pinkbutterflyIMG_6205-pinkirisIMG_6778-pinkpinkbutterfly-mockuppinkiris-mockup3 copyyougogirl-mockup

Pink Butterfly / Pink Iris / You Go Girl

I found my dream home


Pinterest is a big part of our daily routine, searching for inspiration and amazing ideas. Yesterday, Pinterest showed me my dream home. This beautiful green, grey home with such characteristics. I love everything about it, and I just wanna throw all my shit in the air and move right in. It has everything I wish I had in my house: big windows, wide wooden floors, a brick wall, large openings to other rooms, a cool kitchen, high ceiling and stucco. They can also just leave all the furnitures in there, because everything looks amazing. Just have a look at these beautiful photos, and you’ll see what I’m talking about.


These amazing photos were taken by Anders Bergstedt via Entrance.

We are pinning lots of beautiful images and great inspo pics everyday! Follow us on Pinterest ❤ (

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This is Me

One of our favourite wallcandies fo’sho! Just stopping by to tell you that.

Oh, and if you like it too, you can now get This is Me 50×70 for only 299 NOK (32 EUR)! Just use the code “thisisme” in the checkout section. Find the art print here.

Match it with our Gentleman art print to make the purrrrfect couple!

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Thanks, it’s new.

New wallcandy!

We are back from an awesome Easter holiday and making magic in the office! We just launched two new prints: Do You Read Me and Pink Iris.  


Already we are printing and packing the new prints for you awesome people out there! Thank you for ordering ❤

Jump into our magic world and have a look at our new additions!

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Worst secretary ever

Our secretary (pictured below) has been on duty this Holiday. He has apparently been out all night and sleeping all day, so we will be back on track tomorrow and ship all the orders we received this Easter!

Enjoy the rest of the Holidays!

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Fil 17.04.2017, 17.12.51

Happy Easter!

We are taking a few days off to enjoy the holidays! Like real Norwegians we are going to the mountain to ski, eat oranges and chocolate. And drink beer. Have a good one! Cheerio!

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resize.ashx.jpg(Image source:

(Image source: Pinterest)

10 office spaces we wouldn’t mind working in

Our dream is to one day have an awesome studio where we do our creative work in an environment that reflects our brand’s personality. A studio where you can feel the creativity in the air. We dream of having a studio that could be the local face of our brand and a place where people can come in for a cup of coffee and have a look at our prints. We want it to be a studio/store/gallery and our second home. But right now we make magic happen in a not so fancy office space. But we do have an office, which is pretty cool. It’s actually pretty awesome. Everyone has to start somewhere, right?

While we keep dreaming of an awesome studio that will one day become ours, we have gathered 10 office spaces we wouldn’t mind working in. A home office can be just as good as a corporate office building or a dusty garage. The whole point is to get you in that perfect workflow, and these spaces would definitely get us started for the day. Comment you favourite below!

1. The inspirational desk (Image source: Pinterest)

2. The organizer (Image: stylizimoblog)

3. The social space (Image source: Pinterest)

4. The minimalist (Image source: Pinterest)

5. The black space (Image source: Pinterest)

6. The window nook (Image source: Pinterest)

7. The clean studio (Image source: Pinterest)

8. The organized chaos (Image: Frida Ramstedt,

9. The sectioned office (Image source: Pinterest)

10. The creative space (Image source: Pinterest)

How lovely are these office spaces? Most people spend most of their days at work, so the environment should be inspiring, motivating and energizing wherever it may be.

These photos were found on Pinterest. If you know who we should credit, please tell us!
We do not take any credit for these photos.

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What the fuck

New week – new prints.

Our webshop is filled with different posters & art prints, and today we launched two new ones! We like to play a little on the edge, just because it’s fun. So this time we have designed two “edgy” art prints. Not for everyone, but for anyone. What the fuck, who cares? If you like them click here. If you don’t, click here anyway.

Art should comfort
the disturbed,
and disturb
the comfortable.


What the fuck // Stand Out

Both prints are available in four different sizes: 30×40 / 50×70 / 61×91 / 70×100

Comments your thoughts below!

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